Thursday, December 20, 2012

6 Tips to Get Inspired for Burnt Out MDs

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So, how can you get inspired if you're burnt and crispy?

1. Change your job. Go academic if you're a community doc or vice versa.  Work locums tenens in Australia or New Zealand.

2. Take some time off to recharge. Relax in your favorite country. Maybe someplace where you're currency will stretch much further.

3. Add to your expertise. EMS, U/S, Critical care, or whatever niche you choose

4. Be the change at work.  Try to associate with positive people and avoid negative people.

5. Remember your purpose in being a doctor.  Dig out the files and re-read your medical school application essay, residency program essay, and even college essay.

6. Consider a life coach. Three MD life coaches to check out are: Dr. Heather Fork, Dr. Philippa Kennealy, and Dr. Michelle Mudge-Riley.


Veronica B. said...

Needed this... only 3 years out and already wondering what else might be out there...

Sam Ko, MD, MBA said...

There are a lot of options, Veronica.

shehzad Amc said...

great blog thanks to sharing this artical.

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gossipgirl1 said...

What are the other viable options?