Thursday, June 28, 2012

Intro to Social Media for Newbie MDs

Have you ever Googled your name to find or as the main link to your professional face online?

What hurts even more is when you have a one out of four star rating by an anonymous person. 

Today, you will learn three places to get started in social media. Go to LinkedIn and create a profile. This is free. Put up a professional picture online and parts of your CV.  Remember, this is the internet and everything your put up in now public.  So, no social security or DEA numbers. Create a twitter account with your real name and another professional picture.  Do some searching on twitter.  Find other MDs, RNs, Med students, PharmDs, etc to follow.   Tweet useful links, thoughts, comments, & questions. Again, remember this is on the World Wide Web so imagine everything you put up will be published in the NYTimes Sunday Edition. or  Create a blog.  A blog is shortened for weblog.  It’s an online journal, but not everyone wants to hear about what you had for dinner or who you have a crush on.  Write short articles on health related topics.  Nothing that violates HIPPA or patient confidentiality.  Use lots of pictures.

Be fairly diligent in the above activities, maybe 1-2 posts/tweets per week.  Wait 6 months and do a google search with your name.  You will see a difference!  

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