Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meditation for Physicians

When stepping into a new patient's room, I must clear my mind completely.  To make a diagnosis, it's crucial to listen with 100% attention.  If I think about the patient I saw before, or what lab result I need to look up, my focus becomes divided.  One way to be more aware of the present moment is through meditation practice.

During medical school, Jon Kabat-Zinn lectured at the U. of Rochester and led us through various awareness exercises.  One exercise was to eat a raisin very s - l - o - w - l - y, savoring the taste and texture.  I still remember how potent the single raisin tasted.

Now, I've re-discovered him on the EM Tutorials Podcast  (By Drs Chris Cresswell, Qasim Alam and Andrew Dean-Ballarat, Australia and New Zealand)

I highly recommend you download # 7 Breath Meditation and give it a try for a week.  It's also FREE.

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Joseph said...

Meditation is important to patient who feel nervous when consulting their doctor. Afraid to diagnose about their health conditions. Better to be calm all the time.

Jojo @ Doctor Websites