Saturday, October 29, 2011

Collected Tweets from ACEP Scientific Assembly 2011

In case you missed my tweets from ACEP in San Francisco, here is a collection of some of my updates.

Go with person with possible SAH & get immediate CT angio if positive. @emcrit

Pods sign: one spot that orthopods can listen to heart, lung, abdomen and document WNL...We Never Looked. Henry

More than 2 nerves affected in posterior fossa = bleed or tumor. Check articulation, word differentiation. Henry

Dizziness questions: Did the room spin? Did you feel like you were going to faint? Is this worse at night? Henry 

What is Purpose of lecturing?  Get people to learn. Do Audience centered speaking. Mattu

Audience will forget 40% of new content by 20 mins. After one week, 90% of new content forgotten. Mattu 

Limit content to 3-4 points U want them to remember. Be explicit about these points. Mattu 

Audio and videotape your lectures to improve speaking skills. Mattu

Buy "Secrets of Successful Speakers" by Nick Morgan, Lilly Walters, ET al. Mattu 

"At the end of this lecture, I want the audience to___". Plan for this when beginning your presentation. Mattu 

Come up with take home points and conclusion FIRST. What behavior change is the goal? Mattu 

Anything more than 4 points in your lecture and they will remember ZERO! Mattu 

Customize your lecture for the specific audience: degree, training level, specialty, native language, why are they there? Mattu 

Have a dynamic title in lecture. Use words like Pitfalls, Advances, Pearls. Death, disasters, killer NOT chapter titles. Mattu 

Start strong and finish strong! Grab their attention. Memorize the intro. Start with humor or a challenging case. Mattu 

Don't take questions at the end. Its a weak finish. Final 10 seconds are the most memorable. Mattu 

Don't need as many visuals. Simple slides. Big fonts: tahoma and arial are good. You are the message! Mattu 

Approach the sleepy or texting person and they will wake right up!" Mattu 

It's not what you say, it's how you say it. Tone, speed, body language. Mattu

Have 2 jokes prepared just in case of an AV glitch. Mattu 

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