Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dr. Ko's Advice To Graduates

1. Be happy NOW.

2. Choose your passion. Find the point where your interests intersects the world's needs.

3. Define success. Figure out when you want to stop and enjoy.

4. Love others. If choosing between being nice or a jerk, be nice.

5. Enjoy the process, and focus less on the outcome.

6. Life is hard and intertwined with joy and woe.

7. Persistence is key to achieving what you really want.

8. Be thankful for everything you have and ask yourself, "How can I give back?"

9. Every day is a BRAND new day, and you can start fresh no matter what happened before.

10. Know that you will die. Think of it as the ultimate deadline. When you are worried about something, compare it to this fact.

Yours Truly,
Dr. Ko