Monday, June 15, 2009

If you're thinking about EM, consider this:

"They never exam the patient.

Those ER docs miss everything.

Why don't you see the patient first, then call me?

It's 3:30AM, do you really need this consult now?

Order the MRI, then let me know if anything shows up.

Didn't you realize you needed EKG on all diabetic patients?

Ovarian torsion? Ultrasound is terrible at detecting that.

So what are you going to specialize in after you are done with ER?

Trauma surgeon: Call Anesthesia, we need an airway STAT!

How could they have missed the septic knee, inferior MI, AAA, etc?"

EM is a young specialty, and we need to develop a thick skin.

It's the ultimate fishbowl, and everyone questions your decisions on Monday.

Bring it on.

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