Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Hero is Mel Herbert from EM Rap

This week, I went to the Cal/ACEP meeting in La Quinta Resort near Palm Springs. This place was AMAZING to say the least - over 50 hot tubs, about 20 pools, and most importantly, some amazing lectures over EM.

My favorite speaker was Dr. Mel Herbert...

"Mel Herbert, MD, is an award-winning educator and full-time member of the faculty at the Los Angeles County / USC Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency. Mel's talent at producing EM:RAP is a natural extension of his gift for teaching. Within the past few years, he's received the UCLA "Chairman's Teaching Award" and the "Golden Stogie" Award, the Cal/ACEP Education Award, the Emergency Medicine Residents Award for Teaching Excellence, and Honorable Mention for ACEP's Outstanding Speaker of the Year Award." ~ EMRAP

Here's a picture that a good friend and I got with him as he was departing. Woohoo!


anonymous said...

Thank you!

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